[ei‹] 1. noun
1) (the amount of time during which a person or thing has existed: He went to school at the age of six (years); What age is she?) starost
2) ((often with capital) a particular period of time: This machine was the wonder of the age; the Middle Ages.) doba, vek
3) (the quality of being old: This wine will improve with age; With the wisdom of age he regretted the mistakes he had made in his youth.) leta
4) ((usually in plural) a very long time: We've been waiting (for) ages for a bus.) (celo) večnost
2. verb
(to (cause to) grow old or look old: He has aged a lot since I last saw him; His troubles have aged him.) postarati (se)
- ageless
- age-old
- the aged
- come of age
- of age
* * *
I [eidž]
starost; vek, era, čas; polnoletnost
slang to act ( —ali be) one's age — obnašati se svoji starosti primerno
at the age of — v starosti
at this age — dandanes
to bear one's age well — biti videti mlajši kot je v resnici
to come of age — postati polnoleten
age of discretion — doba duševne zrelosti
down the ages — cela stoletja
age of fishes geology devon
age group — starostna skupina
geology the Ice Age — ledena doba
Middle ( —ali Dark) Ages — srednji vek
he is my age — je moje starosti
of age — polnoleten
old age — starost
old age pension — starostna pokojnina
over age — prestar
tender age — nežna starost, zgodnja mladost
under age — mladoleten
what age are you? — koliko si star?
II [eidž]
transitive verb & intransitive verb
starati, postarati (se); fiksirati barvo

English-Slovenian dictionary. 2013.


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